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  • Instagram Reels May Soon Allow 10-Minute Videos

    Instagram Reels May Soon Allow 10-Minute Videos

    Web-based entertainment has taken the business to the powerful in the developing tech period. One of the well known web-based…

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  • Netflix

    Think of Netflix and a memorable television show or movie will likely pop into your mind

    The streaming service hopes that soon video games will be vying for a spot on that list.Netflix is gradually ratcheting…

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  • Social Media Integration

    Social Media Integration: The New CRM Standard

    To deliver a real omnichannel experience, marketers now understand the need to help consumers on the platforms where they feel…

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  • Shopify Gets

    Shopify Gets AI-Makeover, Launches New Features for Free

    The prominent e-commerce business and website builder Shopify recently released its Summer 23 Edition, in which it announced the release…

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    X/Twitter is Charging Advertisers $1,000 Per Month to Keep Gold Check

    Twitter, now known as X, the social media firm, is requiring corporations to pay a minimum of $1,000 per month on advertisements in order to maintain their gold checkmark on the site, in yet another desperate effort to generate income. Elon  Musk  maintains  that the price  is necessary  to stop  false accounts  from spamming the network, but given that the company’s advertising income have fallen by 50% since  the billionaire took over, it is possible to see the charge as a desperate effort to increase platform ad  spending. It’s uncertain if X’s carrot-and-stick  approach  will be sufficient  to insure its survival  given  that the firm is losing users at historically high rates. X is also cutting the price of its advertising spaces. X is Charging…

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    Twitter Finally Starts Sharing Ad Revenue with Creators

    Twitter has announced that it would start giving verified authors who have subscribed to Twitter Blue, the company’s premium subscription service, a share of its ad income. Creators must have a Stripe payment account and at least 5 million post impressions in each of the past three months to qualify for the programme. Once they are qualified, creators have the option to enrol in the programme and begin sharing in the profits from the advertising that are shown in their responses. The number of impressions that artists’ posts get, the kind of advertising that are shown, and the level of interaction of their audience as a whole all affect how much money they make. This is the company’s most recent effort to right the ship and prevent authors from switching to one of the numerous Twitter alternatives that are now available. A Major Win for Twitter Creators According to a recent announcement, Twitter will begin sharing a portion of its ad revenue with verified writers who have Twitter Blue subscriptions, the company’s premium service. To be eligible for the project, creators must have a Stripe payment account and at least 5 million post impressions over the previous three months. Creators have the choice to join the programme after they have met the requirements in order to start participating in the revenue from the advertisements that are shown in their comments. How many people see an artist’s postings, the kind of advertising that is shown, and the degree of engagement of their audience as a whole all have an impact on how much money they earn. The organization’s most recent attempt to right the ship and stop writers from using one of the several Twitter alternatives that are now accessible is this. Furthermore, Twitter will undoubtedly be looking to encourage greater engagement among its whole user base by supporting its top content producers and providing them with incentives to produce more and better material. How Much Do…

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    FTC Investigating ChatGPT Creator Over Persona Data Misuse

    The FTC will look into allegations that Microsoft-backed firm OpenAI utilised personal data improperly. The US’s main competition watchdog, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), is looking into rising allegations that OpenAI, a business that develops artificial intelligence, breached the law by using public data to disseminate false and defamatory material. The 20-page letter requests that OpenAI disclose the information regarding how they handle risks associated to their AI models, which is the largest regulatory roadblock since the debut of ChatGPT in late 2022. Whether the business used unfair or misleading tactics that caused “reputational harm” to customers is being looked at by the agency. According to reports, the FTC is worried that ChatGPT may be used negatively, such as to propagate false information or produce deepfakes. There have been several complaints of the chatbot making false and defamatory claims against actual people. An Effort to Clean Up the Wild West of the Internet? The FTC is…

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  • 10 Key Visual Content Marketing Statistics for 2023

    In the present day, images are everything. The popularity of memes on the internet and the proliferation of video on…

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    As Threads Hits 100 Million Users, Musk Ramps Up Rivalry

    Less than a week after its launch, Mark Zuckerberg and Meta’s new social chat app, Threads, has surpassed the 100…

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  • Twitter Threatens Meta with Lawsuit Over New Threads App

    Twitter Threatens Meta with Lawsuit Over New Threads App

    Twitter, owned by Elon Musk, has sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, requesting that he cease stealing…

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