ChatGPT Creator Sam Altman Says AI Will Take People’s Jobs

In a genuine discussion with The Atlantic, The CEO of OpenAI and the visionary behind ChatGPT ⁠ presented a daunting portrayal of his beliefs on how this technology will shape our planet. ‍He confidently states that certain jobs will become obsolete once AI can perform those tasks as proficiently as ⁠ humans, However, he maintains his stance that he harbors no remorse for developing the AI tool.

Altman Adds Pinch of Salt to AI Optimism

The assumption that AI chatbots would serve as a type of helper to discriminating professionals who choose to accept AI and get an efficiency advantage over their coworkers who do not is described by experts as false news by Altman in an interview with The Atlantic.

According to Altman, individuals who are determined to see AI as a complement rather than a replacement for employment are probably in for a bad shock. Jobs would undoubtedly ‘go away’ as a direct consequence of AI, Altman said in the interview.

Altman, however, was not short on praise for the invention his company produced; in fact, he claims that the advancement of AI has the ability to .He continues by saying that he anticipates that in lieu of the interrupted positions, better, maybe higher-paying jobs, would be created.

Which Jobs are Likely to be Affected?

For the time being, it seems that the experts were correct when they predicted that AI would only automate a limited number of jobs, but employees should think about how they may want to alter their skill set for the day when their job is completely automated by AI.

According to a McKinsey estimate published in June 2023, generative AI will automate 60% to 70% of worker activities. According to the same research, generative AI’s effects on productivity might boost the global economy’s worth by billions of dollars. Customer operations, marketing and sales, software engineering, and R&D make up around 75% of the value that generative AI use cases might provide.

Examples of employment positions that AI has already replaced include copywriters, programmers, exam markers, bank database managers, web developers, and customer service representatives. There is compelling evidence to indicate that paralegals, legal assistants, professors, engineers, surgeons, graphic designers, human resources professionals, and many more jobs might be replaced by AI. Large language models (LLMs) are predicted to have an impact on at least 10% of the employment held by 80% of American workers, according to ChatGPT.

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